Game Time

2014 original || 2018 remaster

Factory fun for the whole family.

Siblings Octavio, Tony, and Pablo are exploring outside of an abandoned factory, looking for the world's best snails. You can guess where this is going...

  • ~1.5 hour playtime
  • Made in RPGMaker XP
  • One (1) Ending
  • Rating: 12+(?); there's nothing really all that graphic or objectionable, but it may not be suitable for young children.

Horror Funhouse Jam 2017

Grocery Store Worker Florian sure has A Day.

  • 5-10 minute playtime
  • Made in RPGMaker XP
  • One (1) Ending
  • Rating: 15+(?); a lil bit of blood & some strong language
v0.01 - 2020

A Yume Nikki fangame, kind of.

Lie's door is sometimes locked, but that doesn't mean he's stuck inside... maybe.

  • Current Version: v.0.01
  • Made in RPGMaker VX Ace
  • No current End State
  • 5 "Effects," a few events...

Twisted Fairy Tale: Matrimony Edition

How the Devil Married Three Sisters, but make it a little more edgy and also limit the color pallete.

  • 10-15 minute playtime
  • Made in RPGMaker XP
  • Made in one (1) Month for RMN's October 2018 event
  • Rating: 15+(?); There's some blood and some pixel carnage.

Friendship, kindness, cruelty, and geese.

The siblings from the original Living Playground are back, and they are here to accidentally play therapist to some teenage witches.

  • 2-3 hour playtime
  • Made in RPGMaker XP
  • One (1) Ending
  • Rating: 16+(?); Not Graphic but Potentially Emotionally Charged